SWIP-I Seminar: Resisting Ableism & Neoliberalism - Concepts and Strategies

The Society for Women in Philosophy Ireland (SWIP-I) welcome all to a seminar:


Resisting Ableism & Neoliberalism: Concepts and Strategies

Tuesday April 3rd - 5pm

NUI Boardroom, 49 Merrion Square


Is a non-ableist future possible?  In what ways does the global economy bear on some more than others, in a way that makes some lives more grievable while others less grievable, dismembered, disabled, or disposable?  If “ableism is a dismembering phenomenon,” how is it to be resisted in its very specific harms? 

A current account of ableism as it operates – a mapping of its scope and scale – permits speculation about future forms of resistance and possible reversal of its invisibility and permissibility.  The goals of this discussion will be to experiment with philosophical inquiry as a kind of prosthesis, to validate and prioritize the experience of disability as having both moral and epistemic value, and to play with the function of diagnostic thinking independent of its more familiar paternalizing, neoliberal contexts.    

Jennifer Scuro, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the College of New Rochelle in New York.  She is author of Addressing Ableism: Philosophical Questions via Disability Studies (Lexington Books, 2017) and The Pregnancy ≠ Childbearing Project: A Phenomenology of Miscarriage, a project that is part graphic novel narrative and part philosophical analysis, (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2017).

If you would like to read some of Prof. Scuro's work in advance of the seminar, please follow the links to:


The seminar is wheelchair accessible through the car park at the rear of the building – please phone (01) 439 24 66 for assistance.


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