Upcoming Event: Research seminar on Edith Stein’s Structure of the Human Person


20-21 December

Department of Philosophy

Maynooth University, Iontas Seminar Room

Mette Lebech and Robert McNamara

The seminar plans to accomplish a close reading of Stein’s philosophical anthropology over two days. Participants present a section to the group, such that we will have been though the whole work by the end of the seminar. We will work from Robert McNamara’s draft translation of the work into English. Der Aufbau der menschlichen Person is volume 14 in the Edith Stein Gesamtausgabe.


20 December

9.30-10.30: Situating Aufbau  Mariéle Wulf

(Chair: Philipp Rosemann)


10.45-12.30: I-II The Idea of the human being as foundation for the science and work of education – Anthropology as foundation for pedagogics  Frances Hannon

(Chair: Gregory Jackson)




2.00-2.15: Update on the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy article on Stein

2.15-3.30: III-IV The human being as material thing and as organism - The animal – Margaret Sealy

3.45 -4.45: V The problem of the origin of the species - genus, species, individual  Mette Lebech

(Chair: Dermot Moran)


21 December

9.30-10.45: VI The animal in the human being and the specifically human  Martina Galvani

11.15-12.30: VII Soul as form and spirit  Robert McNamara

(Chair: Louise Veling)




2.00-3.15: VIII The social being of the person  James McGuirk

3.30-4.45: IX Transit from a philosophical to a theological perspective on the human being  Jadwiga Guerrero van der Meijden

(Chair: Mariéle Wulf)